FretFluent - Fretboard Notes

Memorize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

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Learn and internalize the notes on the guitar fretboard!


FretFluent: Master the Notes on Your Guitar Fretboard

Set Up & Play: Begin your journey with FretFluent using either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar plugged into an amp. The app actively listens and recognizes the notes you play, displaying them at the bottom of your screen. As the notes slide down the strings toward a target zone, be ready to play the note when it enters the zone.

Engaging Practice Sessions: Keep your guitar practice engaging and effective. FretFluent is designed to help you learn and memorize the fretboard through interactive gameplay that makes each session enjoyable and productive.

Customize Your Journey: Personalize your learning experience to match your individual pace and preferences. Within the settings, you can choose which notes and strings to focus on. Begin with a single string, internalize each note completely, and then add more strings. You can also adjust the game speed to challenge yourself as you advance.

Master Every Note: FretFluent is perfect for anyone eager to deepen their familiarity with their instrument. Whether you are starting your musical journey or are an experienced guitarist, this app helps ensure every note on the fretboard becomes second nature.